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A new Lexus ES is coming to PH

September 21, 2021 - Tuesday 8:09 PM by Hermes Joy Tunac

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Since Lexus introduced its ES models in 1989, it has been known for its refined comfort and dynamic performance. As of this writing, 2.65 million Lexus ES units have already been sold worldwide and remain one of the brand's core models.

The Lexus ES has gone through many iterations through the years of which have now become classic models. With more details to be shared this month, the NEW ES is no exception & will be coming soon to Philippine shores. 

The ES Chief Engineer Tetsuya Aoki-san is proud of what he has created during the development of the latest ES. He shares what the current model has in store for its drivers and the philosophy behind each improvement that was done to the car. 

"We pursued development to meet and exceed the expectations of customers, "he shared. "The exterior design has sharper headlights, a modern mesh grille, and sportier wheels. The interior features a touchscreen display for added convenience and operability." Those improvements, however notable, are only skin deep. "Paying attention to the smallest details, we've made it so that you can enter the driver seat with ease," Aoki-san shared.

"The vehicle's response is faithful and true to the driver's intentions. Launch from a standstill is swift. During lane changes, acceleration is stress-free, and there is a natural movement to the ES. Turning the steering wheel allows for confident driving," he added.

The aim was to develop a vehicle that offers natural, stress-free driving according to driver intent. Furthermore, Aoki-san would like customers to experience the same kind of satisfaction that comes from slipping on a finely tailored suit through the further enhanced refinement of the Lexus ES, with its modernized sophistication and elegance.

The new Lexus ES is coming soon in the Philippines this month, September 2021.