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Be a stylish environmental advocate with this wooden watch

July 21, 2022 - Thursday 1:07 PM by Carby Rose Basina

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People have long used fashion – especially accessories! – as a means to express themselves without actually saying anything. And given the many reasons to shout these days, fashion has only gotten louder.

From rainbow-colored merchandise to show support for the LGBTQIA+ community to face masks printed with one-liner texts advocating for mental health awareness, citizens are gearing up to utilize accessories as a form to speak up.

For Narra Wooden Watches (@narra.watches on Instagram), advocating for the environment is made much more stylish through its unique and fashionable watches.

Recently, as everyone is mainly preoccupied with the pandemic, there were several times – like events of typhoons and floods – when we were sternly reminded of the ongoing climate problem. With this, environmental advocates raise their calls for ecological consciousness and accountability – and this brand is among those using their platform to champion awareness.

"Narra Wooden Watches sells unique and stylish watches made from nature. The most notable feature of our watches are that they are made of wood, yet retain a stylish and minimalist design. Besides this, we've experimented with some models that have watch faces made of mother of pearl, and even marble and stone," Kelvin Yu of Narra Wooden Watches told Global Daily Mirror.

In 2018, the brand was created with its desire to bring pieces that allow wearers to stand out and be unique hence its reason to try unconventional materials. A year later, Narra Wooden Watches officially launched the line.

"Although our brand name is Narra, we do not use Philippine Narra wood to make our watches, nor do we condone the use of Philippine Narra wood. Narra trees in the Philippines have gone from being very abundant in the past to now having some species classified as endangered. As the national tree of the Philippines and a national symbol, we strongly support efforts for its preservation…We chose Narra as our brand because it is a distinct Filipino symbol that is often associated with durability, quality, and a sophisticated vibe, things we wish for our brand to embody," the brand wrote.

On its website, Narra Wooden Watches has 11 designs available starting with the Blue Waves watch in Leadwood and Sodalite (P3,590) which is a 38mm unisex watch with a leadwood watch casing and a blue sodalite stone dial and a Japanese movement. Blue Waves is inspired by the Philippine coastlines' dark blue waves crashing into the shore, reminding us of nature's beauty.

On the other hand, the Beach Sand watch in Walnut and White Marble (P3,590) comes with a black walnut wood casing, a white howlite marble dial, and a Japanese movement.

Inspired by the night sky, the Classic Dusk watch in Dark Sandalwood and Black (P2,790) is a 40mm unisex wooden watch that features a dark sandalwood material with a black copper dial.

Also, a unisex option is the Classic Forest watch in Acacia and Green (P2,790) which is inspired by the warmth and tranquility of our beautiful, natural forests with the dial that perfectly contrasts with the rich, warm tones of the acacia wood.

Joining the list is the Classic Dawn watch in Red Sandalwood and White (P2,790), a 40mm unisex wood watch that features a red sandalwood watch material with a white copper dial and Japanese movement. It is inspired by the sunrise, with the warm tones that contrast perfectly with the bright white dial, a sign of the day to come. 

Narra Wooden Watches also offers watches with iridescent pearl dials! For example, the Tubbataha watch in Olive and Blue (P3,090) is a 35mm wooden watch for women that features an olive wood material with a blue pearl dial. In contrast, the Capiz watch in Teak and White (P3,090) is made of teak wood material with an elegant white mother of pearl dial. Also flaunting its pearl dial – but in pink! – is the Anilao watch in Walnut and Pink (P3,090), inspired by the beautiful Anilao Reef of the beloved land.

For those who are into touches of zebra prints, the Classic Terra in Zebrawood and Brown (P2,790) has a brown copper dial and dark streaks on the zebrawood, inspired by "the firm ground and earth we stand on," as written on the website.

Other options for men are the chronograph wood watches Eclipse (P4,290) and Apollo (P4,290). The 44mm wood watches make wearers look sharp and classy with their timeless designs. 

Apart from the designs that represent the brand's desire to advocate for nature, the wooden watches are also made to be splashproof with removable watch straps. In addition, orders come with a small watch adjuster tool to help remove extra links for a better fit.

And as environmental advocates, Narra Wooden Watches partnered with a non-governmental organization to give back to our home – planting one tree for every watch sold.

"We believe as a sustainable fashion brand that it is part of our responsibility to give back and contribute to reforestation efforts in our own beautiful nation…We donate one tree planted for every watch sold via a partner NGO One Tree Planted, and are very much open to partnering with local NGOs and environmental efforts to protect the environment," Narra Wooden Watches shared.

It added: "Previously, we have been tapped by school organizations and small nonprofits, like Wavefarers, Project Laan, The Jeepney Stop, LinkUP, and have donated to other environmental efforts by Philippine Native Tree Enthusiasts group, and Cora Womangroves initiative."

Narra Wooden Watches is available at www.narrawatches.com and its physical locations at Frankie's General Store at Rockwell, SM Aura, Tesoros Makati, and NAIA 3.