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Be ready to defend PH’s borders: PBBM to PCG

January 26, 2023 - Thursday 7:01 PM by GDM Staff

Article Banner Image Photo courtesy: Presidential Communications Office

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. reminded the personnel of Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to always be ready while guarding the country’s maritime boundaries.

In his remarks during the oath-taking of PCG personnel in Malacañang on Thursday, Marcos said Coast Guard members are frontliners ready to confront whatever threats are coming through the country’s coastlines.

“That is why we must guard ourselves, we must be ready and aware and industrious in the work that we do to make sure that we do not have any untoward incidents, that we do not have any mistakes, we do not have any misunderstandings that might cause the problem to escalate out of our control,” the President said.

“I’m confident that all of our officers know this mission, that all our officers know how to fulfill that mission. And that is why we continue to support you in every way that we can so our citizens feel safe,” he added.

Marcos also noted that PCG’s primary role is search and rescue, as well as patrolling the boundaries, things have changed for the organization and many duties that once belonged to the Navy have been transferred to the Coast Guard.

“The reason for this is very simple. We do that so that we will not raise the tensions by putting in units and assets of the Philippine military into the area. At because sinasabi natin (we say) these are not military vessels, they are Coast Guard,” Marcos said.

“But as many of the incidents have started to show over the past few years, that mission has become more, shall we say, intense. Now you are expected to defend not only the coastline, but to defend our nationals,” the President said.

As the government recognizes the Coast Guard’s important mission, he said that his administration will continue to upgrade the PCG’s capabilities, facilities, and equipment.

“This is something that is critical to the safety of the citizens of the Philippines. It is critical in the defense of the Republic. It is critical to the defense of our territory,” Marcos said.