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Breaking Bad's stars Aaron and Bryan reunite on cam in a quirky photoshoot for Equire

January 26, 2022 - Wednesday 11:01 AM by Ice Martinez

Article Banner Image PHOTO: ESQUIRE/IG

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston did a photoshoot with Esquire, and it looked fun and candid. 

In one of the crazy photos, the two were wearing matching blue-striped pajamas while enjoying their liquid breakfast in bed. There was a tray with a bottle of alcohol. Aaron tried to block the camera in the candid shot, while Bryan looked up from his newspaper while holding his teacup. 

Another epic shot was when the two held several alcoholic bottles as they attempted to run through an exit door with a cute puppy. Aaron seemed to try to get through the door while Bryan looked in the opposite direction. 

In the Esquire feature, the two shared their relationship outside the camera. They have developed a unique bond over the years while filming the hit series Breaking Bad.

"He became one of my closest friends—my mentor—very early on. Someone I can confide in. And when [Breaking Bad] was done, it was a very hard goodbye," shared Aaron Paul.

Aaron and Bryan stayed as partners even after the series wrapped up. They put up their mezcal brand called "Dos Hombres."

"I will say, when I met [Aaron] he was in his twenties. And now he's in his forties and it's changed. He's a husband and a father now. In our show we have a mentor-mentee relationship," the 65-year old Bryan Cranston said.

Aaron, 42 is the one who started the initiative with Dos Hombres. It is a mezcal company they co-founded in 2019. The name Dos Hombres comes from the Spanish dos and hombres, thus "Two men." Cranston and Paul describe themselves as "two guys on a quest"—hence the name Dos Hombres.