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BTS' SUGA produces a new ringtone!

August 19, 2022 - Friday 3:08 PM by Leslie Ordinario

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BTS member SUGA, also known as Yoongi, has produced a remix of Samsung's classic "Over the Horizon" ringtone for the second time!

This time, unlike his mellow 2021 remix, Yoongi's new "Over the Horizon" has a retro, groovy beat that will make you dance to it. 

In addition, the BTS members prove how danceable the ringtone is in the music video.

#SUGA wants you to get excited about your brighter future, with his new take on "Over the Horizon 2022 produced by SUGA of BTS," the brand wrote in 

According to the tech brand's website, the new "Over the Horizon" ringtone will be available in an upcoming software update on all the brand's Galaxy devices.