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CHO: Davao City’s vaccination rollout follows correct interval

July 30, 2021 - Friday 4:07 PM by Davao City Information Office

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The Davao City COVID-19 Task Force underscored that all of the city’s vaccination hubs have scheduled the second doses of all anti-COVID-19 vaccine brands at the correct interval.

COVID-19 Task Force Spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser said some Dabawenyos have been waiting and asking about the schedule of their second shots.

“Daghang nangutana, `Ngano dako kaayo ang difference ang atoang first dose sa atoang second dose?’ (A lot have been asking, ‘Why is there a huge gap in the time between our first dose from our second dose?),” Dr. Schossler said during the Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR) COVID-19 Alert program aired on Wednesday, July 28.

She said that during the first few weeks of the rollout of the vaccination program, Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines were the ones allocated to the city.

The City Health Office (CHO) official said, “Those who had AstraZeneca jabs, the interval time from the first to the second dose is one month to three months, but we do the three months interval most often than not.”

Those who waited longer for their second dose may have been administered with AstraZeneca, she said, since the other vaccines’ interval between the first and second doses are way shorter.

“The data showed us that there were a lot of people who received the first dose and a low number of second dose. Fortunately though, this coming first week of August, we will be rolling out the second dose of AstraZeneca, hence we expect the rise in the number of second jabs with this brand,” she added.

As of July 25, Dr. Schossler said a total of 21,201 received their first doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, and of this number, 6,007 got their second jabs. “Again, this is because of the longer time interval sa first dose og second dose (of the first and second dose),” she explained.

She, however, expects that more Dabawenyos will avail of AstraZeneca’s second dose when it will be rolled out next month.

Meanwhile, Dr. Schossler also attributed missed doses to failure of the vaccinee to come on the specified schedule due to work, transfer of location, and other personal reasons; vaccinees who came from other countries or other cities who wished to have their second jabs in Davao City; and vaccinees who deliberately missed their schedule because they were afraid due to fake news like becoming a zombie, 666, magnet, and related reports, among others.

She also said, “As per DOH guidelines, if you miss the recommended interval for whatever reason, you can get the dose ASAP without the need of restarting the dose.”

The rollout of other vaccines such as Sinovac, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer is also ongoing in the city.