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Cloud Panda launches Sked.ph for FREE

June 25, 2020 - Thursday 4:06 PM by MDM

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Cloud Panda, one of the Nation’s most reputable I.T. company has recently launched an Intelligent Scheduling web based app called “SKED” and is offering it to the private sector and the National Government for “FREE”, helping the community, working hand in hand together with the government in halting the negative effects of the Virus.

Sked.ph ensures both the consumer public and the business sector benefit from the current Pandemic situation. It functions as an intelligent scheduler, matching customers’ available schedule to the business establishment’s operating hours, and as Cloud Panda’s main Corporate Social Responsibility, assures public satisfaction with No Amount of Time for both (Consumer and Business owner) are wasted either in long lines or waiting for customers to arrive.

The less people stay outside, the less chance that they will be infected. Sked.ph aims to stop the further spread of the virus, observing Effective physical and social distancing protocols through efficient matching of Business to Customer schedules, minimizing the risk for both catching the virus. 

With this timely development, it is with great interest for the benefit of the general public in the community, as we call on everyone especially those in the private sector and the National Government alike, to unite and join us in this campaign to slowly eradicate the further spread and eventually beat down this Global Pandemic.

With the assistance of Sked.ph, the general public will have a fighting chance for the virus to stop spreading further. It is Cloud Panda’s gift for the community for FREE. Companies who offer various services are encourage to register for FREE by visiting www.sked.ph and become part of this close knit centralized community of helping both the Business sector and the consumer public to fight off a common invisible enemy.