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De Lima: No objection with running alongside Gordon in same senate slate

October 22, 2021 - Friday 2:10 PM by GDM

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Opposition Senator Leila De Lima has on objection with the inclusion of Senator Richard Gordon in Vice President Leni Robredo's senate slate, and even said she perceives Gordon's "change of heart."

"I did not object to Sen. Gordon's inclusion and I do not intend to do so. I perceive a change of heart and regret of the past when he chastised Duterte recently for imprisoning 'a senator elected by the people'," said De Lima in a statement.

De Lima was the Senate justice committee chairperson in 2016, but was removed from the panel. She was replaced by Gordon, who now leads the investigation into the alleged anomalous COVID-19 deals entered by the officials of the Duterte administration.

De Lima also recognized Gordon's "courageous conduct" amid President Rodrigo Duterte's weekly personal attacks on him.

"Sen. Gordon has gotten a taste of Duterte's venom and viciousness, a fraction of what was done to me four years ago. He currently experiences similar character assassination and mindless demolition of reputation that I did in the hands of Duterte," said De Lima. 

"Come to think of it now, we are a small and exclusive club. We should stick together and help each other until this person who so dishonored us is held to account, and punished, for his excesses," she added.

De Lima is running for reelection under Liberal Party. Gordon is also gunning for reelection and is running as a guest candidate under Robredo's senatorial ticket.

"If people can change and regret the wrong that they did to me, the least I can do is to put my hurt feelings behind for the sake of uniting against and defeating the evil who is Duterte and his anointed lackey who threatens to continue his kind of malevolent regime beyond 2022," said De Lima.

De Lima is still in detention and is facing charges in relation to illegal drugs.

"That's where we, Senator Gordon and I, can find a common ground to stand on: it is time for Duterte to learn about the Power of Truth and the Consequences of Betraying the People," she said.