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DTI releases suggested retail price for school supplies

August 19, 2022 - Friday 7:08 PM by GDM

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As the new school year ushers in, the Department of Trade and Industry has released a suggested retail price (SRP) to assist consumers in purchasing school items. 
Based on the SRP, notebook prices range from P17.50 to P36.75, while Grades 1-4 pad paper prices vary from P6.50 to P24.00. Intermediate pad paper, on the other hand, costs from P 22.50 to P30.00.  
Prices of writing materials such as pencils and ballpoint pens range from P8.25 to P13.25, and from P4.75 to P19.00, respectively.
Depending on the brand, consumers may purchase a box of crayons with eight colors for as low as P18.00 to as high as P24.00. A 12-color pack costs P32.00, while the price of a 16-color pack varies from P33.75 to P44.00. 
Meanwhile, an eraser in small, medium and large sizes, has a price range from P8.75 to P17.00. Sharpeners and rulers are priced at P19.00 – P32.00 and P13.00 – PHP39.00, respectively. 
“Although some have increased in prices due to the movement of global fuel prices, consumers can save money by purchasing school supplies sold in bundles or promotional packs,” says DTI Consumer Protection Group Undersecretary Ruth B. Castelo. 
For his part, DTI Consumer Policy and Advocacy Bureau Director, Atty. M. Marcus N. Valdez II said that the department is closely coordinating with the manufacturers of school supplies to ensure the reasonableness of prices and the availability of supply in the market.
For the past two years, schools across the country have adopted various distance learning modalities to safeguard educators, pupils, and students against the threat of COVID-19. 
On August 22, millions of students are set to return to school. By November, all schools are mandated to implement face-to-face classes.