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January 24, 2022 - Monday 8:01 PM by GDM

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JC, a prime health and wellness company in the Philippines, has again received recognition from the prestigious Asia Leaders Award for the second year in a row.
The young, dynamic entrepreneurs behind JC, Jonathan So, and Carlito Macadangdang, said they are grateful and proud for being chosen as this year’s Health and Wellness Company.
“With countless brands that are present and have emerged due to the soaring demand for health and wellness products brought about by the pandemic last year, we are extremely honored to have been awarded this recognition. It proves a lot about the quality and caliber of products that we have developed for JC, and we have provided for the Filipinos and to the rest of the world,” says Carlito Macadangdang, Vice President and Chief Finance Officer of JC.
In 2020, the award-giving body adjudged JC as MLM Company of the Year.
The Asia Leaders Awards has been established to recognize leaders and organizations that have distinguished themselves in their respective fields. The awards given to JC have put the company and the country at the forefront of global product excellence.
Established in 2014, JC has been providing high-quality products manufactured only from the finest ingredients sourced from around the globe. JC advocates for a healthy and balanced lifestyle along with its premier products.
“One of the key successes of the company is our innovative marketing approach. JC, being a multi-level marketing company, was anchored on our eagerness to help people live healthily and, at the same time, earn money. Health is wealth, as they say. But we say, there is “Wealth in Health,” remarks Jonathan So, President and Chief Executive Officer of JC.

In 2021, while most companies and businesses have succumbed to the on-going economic uncertainty brought by the global pandemic, JC continues to thrive, triumphantly. JC stood strong and dauntless with its global headquarters in Italy, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan and Dubai, continuously operating and have remained flourishing despite the health crisis.  

In fact, JC continues to expand its excellent health, wellness, and beauty products portfolio. They recently launched their JC 60-Day Programs namely Cell Detox, Immunity Booster, and Weight Loss Programs. JC 60-Day Programs Road to a Better You are doctor-certified health programs specially designed to address the top health and wellness concerns of today. 

Furthermore, they have also introduced their premium skin care brand – KIND.  KIND Skin Care is a complete product line, inspired by Korean Beauty carefully curated from the best ingredients suitable for all skin types. Its 14-Steps to One of a Kind Beauty teaches morning and evening thoughtful skin care routines that adapts the nurturing philosophy of Koreans which is a beauty routine built with consistency, dedication and love to achieve desired ‘results.’   

Currently their brand list includes Calvit-C, JC Organic Barley, JC Good Leaf Ashitaba, and Glutafit. JC also offers personal care products such as K-pads and OmniWhite. 
It will be recalled that JC further gained prominence last 2020 when it launched its pandemic phenomenal product, CopperMask. Last year, it unveiled two more face mask products, the fashion-hipped ZMask and its FDA-Approved and Medical Grade facial mask, CM-KF94.