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OFWs in Kuwait are no wild beasts!!!

January 25, 2023 - Wednesday 2:01 PM by Erwin Tulfo

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Unimaginable acts of violence have claimed the lives of too many overseas Filipina workers (OFWs) in Kuwait.

In the latest case,  the OFW was literally butchered and burned allegedly by a 17-year old son of her employer who may have impregnated her.

Police authorities have custody of the suspect, a Kuwaiti national.

There are angry calls for a Philippine ban on OFW deployment in Kuwait, as well as calls for a no-nonsense investigation into the gruesome murder.

An immediate ban or moratorium and an inquiry into the current status may save the life of those who may be in the potential gallows of murder in that country.

We cannot be overcareful at this point.

This latest case of cold blood killing is clearly not an isolated case nor any of the previous horrifying cases.

OFWs were slaughtered like wild animals and burned in the desert.

For now, Kuwaitis must live without the services of kasambahay OFWs.

I am sure Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) Sec. Toots Ople is looking for ways now to ensure the OFWs' safety from the time they are recruited and not served as a helpless prey to lions.

I am convinced we are faced with choosing between saving lives of our fellow Filipinos and risking them in the potential death threat.

We would like to plead for the understanding of 240,00 OFWs presently employed in Kuwait and the understanding of the families they are supporting.

OFW deployment in Kuwait must be stopped for now until the Kuwaiti government can guarantee that our Kababayans can come back home alive and in one piece.


l welcome with outpouring gratitude the President's vouch of trust and confidence on my ability to lead a national agency.

PBBM's announcement certainly came as a vindication of my designation as the Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) which was negated by the Commission on Appointments (CA).

He has expressed strong  confidence in my “abilitly to get the job done” during my six-month stint at DSWD. “We can not lose that kind of asset”, the President said, and went on to say he wants me to remain in his administration.

PBBM revealed his plan for me to a panel of broadcast journalist from various television news channels.

Truth is I did not do anything extraordinary except to implement PBBM's marching orders from Day One, including the prepositioning of relief goods in disaster-prone areas.  Upon his instructions, we simplified and facilitated requests for assistance by eliminating red tape.

Malinaw po sa akin na ang aking pagsisilbihan ay ang pinakamahihirap at salat sa buhay na mga Pilipino.

Whatever PBBM has in mind for me,  I am highly resolved  to contribute to his administration's post-pandemic recovery and nation-building efforts.

And this time, I will even do better no matter what kind of assignment he will give me. 


I am simply flabbergasted by rumors implicating First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos in the appointments of members of the Cabinet, such a brazen lie and malicious black propaganda. 

The First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos has kept a very low profile and was not known to throw her weight around.

Apparently, she is now the target of black propaganda.

She has never endorsed anybody for a key position in the office of the President. “What if I did and PBBM accepted, and then pumalpak? Who ‘s to blame then?”  she mentioned in one of our meetings for a DSWD gift-giving last year. 

It is clear the First Lady’s recommendation is not the way to go to land the juicy post in the government.

One should prepare a resume and seek an interview with the President himself.