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Taylor Swift just graduated with honorary doctorate of fine arts from New York University

May 19, 2022 - Thursday 2:05 PM by Ice Martinez

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On Wednesday, the superstar delivered a commencement speech for the graduation of Class 2022 at the New York University. The artist walked up the stage wearing her signature red lipstick and her honorary robe.

“I’m 90% sure the main reason I’m here is because I have a song called 22. I never got to have a normal college experience per se. I went to public high school until 10th grade and then finished my education doing home school work on the floor of airport terminals,” Swift said began her speech.

She earned a “doctor” title as she received the honorary doctorate of fine arts award from the university.

The singer-songwriter, producer and director shared that her music career began  when she was 15. She was then touring different radio stations across the United States and sold millions of albums.

Her most recent award was bagging the album of the year at the 2021 Grammys for her album “folkore.” She received the same award in 2010 for “Fearless” and 2016 for “1989.”

“I in no way feel qualified to tell you what to do. You’ve worked and struggled and sacrificed and studied and dreamed your way here today. I won’t tell you what to do because nobody likes that, but I will however give you life hacks for when I was starting out my dreams as a career. Never be ashamed of trying. Effortlessness is a myth,” she said.

Swift finished her speech by sharing some wisdom to her fellow graduates. She said that making mistakes is inevitable but “when hard things happen to us, we will recover, we will learn from it, we will grow more resilient because of it. As long as we are fortunate enough to be breathing, we will breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep and breathe out. I am a doctor now so I know how breathing works. I hope you know how proud I am to share this day with you, we’re doing this together so let’s just keep on dancing like we’re the class of 22.”