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The cornerstone, the vine

June 04, 2020 - Thursday 4:06 AM by Fr. Roy Cimagala

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            It’s good that we review the parables of the cornerstone (cfr. Mk 12,1-12) and the vine (cfr. Jn 15,1-17) if only to strengthen our conviction that we need to be united to Christ. We have to understand that in this condition, there should be no exception whatever our circumstances, views and positions in life may be.

            Especially when our differences and conflicts become sharper and plentier, and the possibility of committing mistakes is huge, we need to realize more deeply that in the end what matters is whether we are with Christ or not.

            The ultimate reason is that we come from God and we belong to him. And Christ who is made alive in us through the Holy Spirit is the son of God who is the very pattern of our humanity that is created in God’s image and likeness, and the redeemer of our humanity that is damaged by sin. We cannot be without Christ. It would be crazy on our part to be otherwise.

            We have to understand that Christ is the cornerstone that holds together all the other building blocks of the overall edifice that is supposed to be the people and the family of God of which we are supposed to be the organic parts, the living stones as St. Peter described us. (cfr. 1 Pt 2,5) He is also the vine that gives life and fruitfulness to all the branches.

            Especially in these times of the Covid19 when even the men of science and other experts have different and even conflicting views on the matter, leading us to also have different and conflicting positions, we should see to it that all of us are united in Christ. That, in the end, is what matters.

            With Christ as the cornerstone and vine in our life, everything will be taken care of. Christ not only gives us life and fruitfulness. He is the very principle of unity among the very wide diversity that we can find ourselves in. He knows how to make everything works for the common good, much like in a synergy.

            Even our mistakes, failures and sins, so unavoidable in our life, can be taken advantage of by him to work for the good. With him, our mistakes can be corrected, our wounds and illnesses can be healed, our weaknesses can be appropriately supported. And those that cannot be solved anymore humanly speaking, he knows what to do. What is impossible with us is always possible with him.

            We should do everything to be truly united to him. We should pray and look for him always, whatever we may be doing, whatever situation we may be in. We have to be increasingly familiar with his teachings and life as narrated in the gospels and taught in our catechisms so we can little by little assimilate his spirit.

            With him, we can learn to take things with a sporting spirit, full of hope, joy and peace despite whatever. He will alwaysmotivate us to be prudent and to do everything humanly possible to resolve our problems and difficulties. He will teach us how to be charitable in a way that was expressed eloquently by St. Paul when he said: “Bear each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” (Gal 6,2)

            So, let’s not waste time fighting each other. If there is anything to clarify, to suggest or to correct, let’s do it charitably, never in anger, envy or hatred. Of course, for us to do this, we need always to be humble, keeping under control our ego that is always eager to dominate regardless…

            Let us spread this Good News about Christ as the cornerstone and vine of our life. Not only should we teach and preach it. We have to act it out and live it. With this Covid19 time, we actually have a golden opportunity to learn this precious lesson, to live it and spread it around more widely!