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10 low-maintenance plants for people without 'green thumb'

July 02, 2022 - Saturday 5:07 PM by Ryan Louis Mantilla

Article Banner Image Photo by Jazmin Quaynor

Apart from their beauty, plants come with plenty of benefits. Not only is it refreshing to look at, but they also freshen up the air and remove harmful toxins. Some started to grow plants over the quarantine period (I did, too). Unfortunately, some gave up because their plants would end up withered and dead,  whatever care and effort they exerted. 

For essentially the same reason, many people avoid caring for plants because they worry they won't be able to keep them alive. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a green thumb: a term usually used for people with a natural gift for growing plants. But do not fret about it because there are existing plants that could thrive with less care.


Here are the plants that won't die on you 


1. Snake plant 

This plant filters chemicals, making them a perfect air-purifying buddy. Perhaps, if you'd ask someone about the most low-maintenance plant out there, most would recommend a snake plant. It can survive with fewer watering days, and although it is required to be in direct sunlight, it can still survive indoors and thrive under deplorable environmental conditions. 


(Photo by Sarah Bronske)


2. Peace Lily 

The peace lily is an excellent plant that will flourish with a bit of attention. Keep it moist, and in a brighter place in your home, then you're good to go. It doesn't need extensive care and would also purify the air while absorbing mold spores. So, other than aesthetics, this plant brings a significant health benefit. 


(Photo by Maria Elizabeth)


3. Zz Plant 

This type of plant would survive in its drought days and even with no direct sunlight. Therefore, the Zz plant is an ideal plant baby for "neglectful " first-time parents as it can survive with little care. A weekly watering would suffice and could be under low light conditions. 


(Photo by Feey)


4. Pothos 

This plant is probably the most photogenic and Instagram-worthy due to its vine-y looks. It also trails around when it grows even further. But not just that, it is also easy to take care of. 


(Photo by Feey)


5. Rubber Tree

Rubber trees don't need much watering despite their need to receive sunlight. It has darker green leaves and could grow up to eight feet tall, adding an accent to your house. 


(Photo by Scott Webb)


6. Lucky Bamboo Plants 

For feng shui believers, the lucky bamboo is believed to attract luck into your life by sending forth pleasant energies. According to Chinese traditions, each number of stalks signifies a different type of fortune: love, happiness, money, long life, and wealth. It also requires little care, so a lucky plant and a low-maintenance one simultaneously. You can raise the lucky bamboo plant hydroponically or in soil. 


(Photo by Toni Cuenca)


7. Silver Queen Plant 

This is a NASA-recommended plant due to its air-purifying properties. It isn't called a silver QUEEN plant for no reason. It also tends to grow upright, keeping your home neat and revitalizing to look at. 


(Photo by Mark Bosky)


8. Areca Palm 

This palm plant's exotic-looking foliage will give your space a tropical atmosphere. The natural humidifier that areca palms provide is excellent for people who experience sinus issues at night. It only needs good lighting, but not excessive amounts of direct sunlight.


(Photo by Behnam Norouzi)


9. Jade Plant
This plant is suitable for succulent lovers because it has fascinating branches and luscious, thick leaves. Make sure to avoid overwatering and place them in an area that receives only partial or indirect sunlight.


(Photo by Susan Wilkinson)


10. Boston Fern 

This stunner can be a lovely decoration for your home. A dull wall might be given a pop of color by its arched branches or leaves. Brightly colored hanging pots go well with sprawling plants. Your Boston fern can be placed in rooms with indirect sunlight, and it will flourish for a long time as long as the pot is kept out of any water that may be stagnant.


(Photo by  Jacqueline Kelly)


People have transformed their homes into green havens as a result of the multiple lockdowns due to the pandemic. In the Philippines, those who collect indoor plants are called ""plantitas"" and ""plantitos."" 
You should give it a shot, even if you have issues growing plants. Thorough research revealed that indoor plants might eliminate up to 87 percent of air pollutants in just 24 hours. Plants can also boost productivity by 15%, which helps people feel less worn out. This makes them ideal mood enhancers for your humble abode.
Start living green even without the so-called green thumb. The house needs to be where you can unwind and refresh, and our green buddies can help us get there.


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