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Five pre- and post-workout tips to boost body results

September 21, 2022 - Wednesday 5:09 PM by Carby Rose Basina

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Tom Jenane, a nutrition and fitness expert at Natures Healthbox, offered his guidance to maximize your workout routine.

According to a study by claims.co.uk, sports injuries are most common in the knee and ankle. This was revealed after the experts analyzed athlete injury data for popular contact sports and uncovered the most dangerous sport and the body part most at risk of sports injuries.



Give your body the correct food
It is essential to learn how your body works and its reaction to certain food types. Yogurts, dairy-based products, and pre-workout shakes might cause discomfort in the gut if consumed before exercising. Avoid any food or drinks that make you feel bloated beforehand, such as fizzy drinks or food with high amounts of saturated fat, which could hinder your ability to focus.

Always do your warm-ups and cool-downs
It can be tempting to skip warm-ups and cool-downs, yet this could result in further injuries. Instead, a 5 to 10-minute jog followed by some stretching or a concise yoga session can help loosen up your muscles before a heavy workout.

Protein shakes immediately after a workout? You don’t have to
It’s not true that there is a 30-minute window after a workout where you need protein. You can benefit from eating more protein, even a couple of hours after working out. The idea of quickly having a protein shake on the way out of the gym is ludicrous, only made to increase the sales of protein powders.

Stay hydrated and curb salty food cravings
Make sure to hydrate yourself during and after workouts, as you’ve drained a lot of liquid that needs to be replenished. When you sweat, this can also lead to craving salty foods to replace potassium and sodium. However, salty foods are often unhealthy and won’t offer the body the nutrients it needs.

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep
One thing people tend to neglect the most is their sleep intake. We break down our muscles in the gym and build them back while we are asleep. I met many people who have exercised a lot but struggled to see results. Most of them sleep for around six hours daily due to playing games or drinking, which completely defeats your purpose of working out. Make sure you’re sleeping for 8 to 9 hours per night, and you’ll be surprised by the improvement in results!


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