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How Bambbi Fuentes honed her artista-approved skills

July 02, 2022 - Saturday 5:07 PM by Carby Rose Basina

Article Banner Image Bambbi Fuentes with Global Daily Mirror’s news anchor Ice Martinez.

Celebrities – who are also human beings like the rest of us! – don’t rely merely on their good genetics to achieve their camera-ready looks and well-needed boost of confidence. Instead, most of the A-lists are usually assisted by a team of gifted artists who work all the magic.

One of the prominent makeup artists in the industry up until today is Bambbi Fuentes, who has glammed up numerous stars like Marian Rivera, Dawn Zulueta, Kris Aquino, and Gelli de Belen among others.

Global Daily Mirror had the opportunity to exclusively interview Bambbi, where she shared her story as she rose in the industry.

From beauty magazine subscriptions to owning her studio

The beauty pioneer shared that she discovered her love for artistry through her mom’s untouched makeup items and tools. She said she tried putting them on, which made her say to herself, “Oh my God! Ang ganda ganda ko (I am really beautiful).”

“Ito pala ang magic na nagagawa ng makeup (So this is what makeup can do),” she realized.

But before the rise of technology and advancements – such as the availability of Youtube tutorials and makeup schools – she taught herself by reading books and subscribing to beauty magazines.

“During my time, wala namang mga T.V., wala namang Youtube eh (there’s no television, there’s no Youtube). I think I invested a lot on books. Ang dami kong biniling books (I bought a lot of books), I have a lot of subscription ng mga magazines. Doon nauubos ‘yung baon ko (That’s where I spent my school allowances),” the 20-years-and-counting beautician said.

She added that even makeup tools like brushes were difficult to locate. “Even makeup brushes, kahit na gusto mong bumili ng maganda (if you’re looking for good ones), even if you go to the nicest stores here, wala (there’s none). Walang available (Nothing is available). Pati yung mga makeup, very limited (Even the cosmetic products are limited). Unlike ngayon, ang dami-dami na, ‘di ba? (Unlike today, there’s plenty of those already, right?)

But the lack of learning resources did not hinder her from fostering her growing interest in makeup. “When you have the books (naman) – and when you have the magazines – from there, you can easily learn the trick and you can easily learn the trend.”

She noted that makeup artists from recent years are lucky to have access to learning materials.

“(Kaya) the young ones now, they’re very lucky kasi (because) they have choices. Even makeup artists now ‘di ba ang dami dami na (there’s a lot of them already). They can easily learn the trick because there’s a lot to learn from: Youtube, may books pa (even books) … Ngayon (today, it’s) step by step. ‘Pag nag-open ka ng Youtube (If you open Youtube), it’s all there and free.”


The common denominator of Bambbi’s muses

Before she started handling a star-studded roster of actors and personalities, Bambbi shared that she was only doing hair and makeup styling in exchange for “tips” because she did not know how much to charge.

And when she finally became a full-time cosmetic artist, Bambbi noted that she was lucky to be able to work with celebrity clients who are punctual and easy to work with.

She said she couldn’t name a specific favorite from her long list of celebrity muses. “I cannot say I have a certain favorite. Kasi (Because) all of them, I’m close to…they have their certain qualities, iba-iba sila eh (they’re all unique).”

However, she noted her celebrity clients’ “common denominator”: “They’re all professionals, they were never late.”

For example, she shared: “Si Marian (Rivera), let’s say ang call time n’ya (her call time is), 7:00, I would go 15 minutes before (but) makikita ko yung van n’ya naka-park na! (I would catch her van already parked!)”


Bambbi’s long-time secret 

Today, Bambbi is a well-known name in the industry. And despite the continuous changes in the beauty world, she noted her secret to why she never gets tired from doing her job.

“Yung passion, it will never die: it’s either you have it or you don’t have it. It’s like style, parang (like) taste. ‘Yung passion, nasa akin na yan, hindi na mawawala (Passion is something that is within me, it will never go away).”

Bambbi closed: “You never stop learning. The moment you stop learning, I believe that’s the end of you.”


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