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Is this TikTok-viral perfume a dupe of Givenchy's Tartine et Chocolat?

September 22, 2022 - Thursday 1:09 PM by Carby Rose Basina

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Just when you thought your "TikTok made me buy it" list is over, the platform's users are back to make you "add to cart" another item! This time, the TikTok netizens may have found a cheaper alternative to Givenchy's well-loved Tartine et Chocolat perfume!

Making rounds on users' For You Page lately is Filipino small business Urban Hue's scents that are accompanied by captions filled with nothing but good praises and positive feedback.

Content creator-influencer Kenny Manalad has fallen head over heels for the collection's "Bday Girl" variant. In a TikTok video—which, as of writing, has reached over 156k views and 11.3k likes—Kenny compared its scent to one of the Givenchy perfumes classics.

"This one I'm holding is one of my ultimate favorite and go-to colognes," he introduced while holding the P4,550-worth (price according to Rustan's!) Tartine et Chocolat. "For those who aren't familiar sa cologne na 'to (with this cologne), it's a straight-up fresh, citrus scent."

However, Kenny found that there is still a con for the said fragrance. “Yung downside dito sa product na ito is that sobrang weak ng kanyang performance…After an hour, skin-scent nalang s'ya (The downside to this product is that its performance is very weak. After an hour, it's just a skin-scent)."

By "skin-scent," Kenny means that the scent can only be smelled if the cologne is brought up close to the nose.

Hence, he advised while holding the P250 perfume: "For those of you looking for a cologne or perfume na same vibes dito yung amoy (that has the same vibes and smell as this) but stronger, get this one instead."

“When I tried this one sabi ko: Parang may kaamoy sya? And tama nga ako. This one reminds me of Givenchy Tartine…and upon checking notes, actually, ang dami nilang similarities."

("When I tried this one I said: It reminds me of something else? And I was right. This one reminds me of Givenchy Tartine...and upon checking notes they have a lot of similarities.")

The mentioned scents feature a musk, citrus, and white flower fragrance.

Even though the two share similar marks, Kenny reminded that they are not entirely the same, likening the Urban Hue one as the "big sister" of the Tartine since the former has a stronger citrus touch with a hint of sweetness and can last for up to five hours.

Kenny noted that Urban Hue's Bday Girl and Givenchy's Tartine et Chocolat are 80-85% similar, and both smell "super clean, super fresh, youthful, and baby-like."

Released in May 2021, Urban Hue's Dream Scents line includes five other oil-based variations aside from BDay Girl: Vanilla Cake, First Date, Warm Nights, Sugar Rush, and Dream Away.

Urban Hue's owner told Global Daily Mirror that after a few months of launching, they "received over 24,000 Shopee orders, earning 6 digits a month. More than enough to support my family!"

She excitedly added, "We also got the attention of some of the famous influencers…The Bday Girl variant from our perfume line is Ms. Mae Layug's favorite. Yes!!! Ms. Mae Layug, the owner of GRWM cosmetics and the famous YouTuber!!"

For more details, check out Urban Hue on Tiktok and Instagram (@urbanhue.ph), and Shopee (urbanhue).


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