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Marcos: We should treat addicts as patients

January 26, 2022 - Wednesday 2:01 PM by GDM

Article Banner Image Screenshot from Boy Abunda Presidential Interview

Former senator and presidential aspirant Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. told talk show host Boy Abunda in a one-on-one interview on Tuesday, January 25, that addicts should be treated as patients and focus more on focus on big-time dealers. 

According to Marcos, treating addicts as patients can help the Philippines' problem with illegal drugs. "For me, I think that we should treat addicts as patients, people in need of a cure," the presidential aspirant said during his one-on-one interview with Boy Abunda. 

Marcos highlighted that the country's drug problem should be considered a health issue since the health of a drug addict is always at risk. 

"They are not productive, they are not productive members of society, they cannot even help themselves. What they are doing is destroying themselves." Marcos said. 

According to the former senator, the drug problem only becomes a crime when the distribution and sale of illegal drugs are involved. He mentioned continuing the country's war on drugs should he get elected as the new President, but hunting down big-time dealers will be the focal point. 

“I-focus natin doon sa mga malalaki talaga. Even a normal person, he would know who the drug bosses are in the community, 'Yun ang i-target natin" Marcos stated.

Marcos also mentioned that he previously spoke with President Rodrigo Duterte about the severity of the drug problem in the country and how the enforcement of laws against drug dealers and drug addicts can only take so far. “Kailangan din natin pag-aralan ang prevention at saka ang cure” he said. 

Marcos stressed that the Philippines could be a narco-state in the next few years if not handled effectively. 

On the contrary, the current President previously claimed that the former senator and presidential aspirant is a "cocaine" user. Marcos subjected himself to a drug test to prove his innocence despite the President's accusation.



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