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PH named among countries most affected by global warming

January 26, 2022 - Wednesday 1:01 PM by Hermes Joy Tunac

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From earthquakes to excessive floods, extreme and unpredictable natural hazards impact every country worldwide. To combat the effects of climate change and the vast rise in natural disasters over the past 50 years, nearly 200 countries agreed to the “Glasgow Climate Pact” at the 26th global United Nations climate summit (COP26) in November 2021.

Interested by this, Uswitch.com/gas-electricity sought to find out which country is the most affected by global warming based on the occurrence of natural hazards. By analyzing historical global data of over 15,000 disasters from 1902-to 2021, they created a points-based index to determine the countries most likely to suffer from natural hazards. The index consists of the following factors: total number of disasters experienced, number of affected people, fatalities, and monetary cost of damage. 

China is most affected by global warming, scoring 9.98 out of 10. The country ranks first for both the total number of people affected (3,304,765,752) and total fatalities (over 12.5 million). From 1902 to November 2021, the country was impacted by 982 natural disasters - the second highest in the world overall, only behind the United States with 1,090. Earthquakes (199 - the most in the world), storms (319), and floods (311 - the second highest in the world) are China’s most prominent disasters. Asian countries are the most affected by global warming, as 66% of the 15 countries most impacted by natural disasters are in Asia!

India is in second place among the most affected by global warming, with an index score of 9.91/10. India also ranks second for the total number of people affected by natural disasters with over 2.4 billion. Alongside this, India’s total number of disasters is the third-highest globally with 757. In addition, they have suffered from more floods (315) than any other country, and the number of epidemics (70) is the second-highest in the world.

Bangladesh ranks third with a score of 9.72 out of 10. The country ranks third highest overall for the total number of people affected (464 million) and fatalities (3 million). They have suffered 356 natural disasters, with 80% of the disasters being floods or storms, resulting in an economic impact of just under $40 billion.  

The United States of America is fourth, with an index score of 9.65/10. From 1902 to November 2021, the country was impacted by 1,090 total disasters - the most in the entire world, with the highest economic impact at a massive $1.7 trillion. In addition, with the highest number of storms (685) in the world, the USA also ranks highly in both floods (201) and wildfires (92).

Completing the top five in the Philippines with a 9.59/10. Having experienced 671 natural disasters, the Southeast Asian islands predominantly face storms (377) and floods (156), which have affected 239 million people and have led to a total cost of $43 billion in damages.

Editor’s note: This research is part of a more extensive study into the most dangerous countries to live in based on natural disasters from around the world—courtesy of: U Switch.


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