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Stay expressive while masked up with these accessories

July 01, 2022 - Friday 5:07 PM by Carby Rose Basina

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To say that the year 2020 has been full of surprises for us would be an understatement – with the major one being the introduction of face masks into the list of daily essentials we grab before we leave the house.

Two years into the pandemic, masks are no longer merely a protective precaution; they are also a form of self-expression, from statement items with personalized phrases to stylish ones with sparkly jewels. Given this, face mask accessories should be one of the latest fashion trends on social media.

If you've been on Instagram lately, you've probably noticed the rise of face mask "chains" that are not only for aesthetic purposes but also for the convenience of having your mask still close to you when you need to take a breather, rest your sore ears, or munch on some food.

For fans of the K-Pop boy group BTS, Instagram shop Littlethingsmnl (@littlethingsmnl) offers stan-worthy mask chains that will make an ARMY easy to spot even in a huge crowd.



"Just (in) 2021, I found my love for BTS and realized that there were no mask chains made for K-pop lovers like me, and when I created my own design, it became our best seller. It sparked an idea in me to be more creative and to work on the things I love, a lot of people also requested their own groups," Joey, owner of Littlethingsmnl, told Global Daily Mirror.


Choose from the BTS Pearls (P399) which are heavy on purple – BTS' color symbol, the adorable BT21 Mask Pendant (P280) which features Chimmy, Tata, Shooky, Cooky, RJ, Koya, Mang, and Van, the LTM BTS Mask Chain (P450) which dangles a tiny version of the ARMY Bomb, and the BTS Gold Mask Chains (P350-P380) with a selection of dainty pendants that represent fans' love for the boys.


Amid the campaign period for the 2022 national and local Philippine elections, Littlethingsmnl also catered to fans of the presidential candidate, now former Vice President, Attorney Leni Robredo.


"I've always been politically aware but this was the year I was really invested in it. It's hard for a business to announce their support in fear of losing customers, owners really separate their business and personal life. But my shop is like my baby, we grow together and I always like putting a touch of myself in it, so I declared my support for VP Leni by making inspired mask chains."


Joey said that when she uploaded the collection, she did not expect the number of orders that rushed to her business. 



She shared that she made online friends and "sukis" who expressed their support, knowing they had the same values.

"I knew I had to (do) my best to accommodate every one of our Kakampinks in return (for) those sleepless nights, the feedback of the people buying it made me cry. They thanked me for making it as it was a reminder of our fight for hope."


After the elections, Joey said they are receiving orders for the Pink-themed chains more than a month after the elections. "It served as a reminder for the people of the pink movement, the positivity, and the love for our country that VP (Robredo), (Senator) Kiko (Pangilinan), and the Tropang Angat gave us. It really made me feel what it was that Jose Rizal and the other Bayanis were fighting for: freedom, good governance and our country."

She added, "I think as a seller, it's important also to put your own personal touch, a sense of yourself in your items, that's where you can be unique. Since I make my mask chains and collections from things that I love, I find I get to be more creative and put in extra effort in doing so."

Aside from BTS and political mask chains, Joey also sells LV-inspired, pearl-inspired, Among Us, Harry Potter, Super Junior, EXO, Blackpink, and Seventeen mask chains.

"Regardless if it's cute items, K-Pop, or good governance – these are the things I love and believe in."


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